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PSA: I discovered something that might help Corsair, and fellow users


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I've got the Void Pro RGB USB for awhile, and each time when the PC boots, the microphone does record sound, but the playback is not good, and I have to replug it each time I boot. There are numerous threads out there, like this. I found my solution before viewing this thread, but the solution is the same: Manually set your record quality to DVD.

The mobo that I use is Gigabyte Z370 HD3, it has a built in Realtek chip. But the problem is that the issue is found not only on Realtek chips , but on audio controllers from other manufacturers as well. So I think the issue is not on Realtek, but rather the recording quality. By setting it to 48kHz instead of default 8kHz(which is known as "Telephone Quality" in Windows), the quality issue resolved, you actually hear what you expect(I actually find it better than my expectation, but my judge is probably not accurate because I used it in 8kHz for months). Moreover, the solution still works after I completely shut down my PC and boot it


I hope Corsair can pin this, or integrate the community's finding to their official pinned thread.. Of course, a firmware update, or at least an auto configuration to set the sampling to 48kHz is the most desired measure.


[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHAbYokrHAI]YouTube guide[/ame]

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