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lighting node pro not recognised by icue/link


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i recently got a lighting node pro and after installing it with the led strips found that it wasnt recognised by icue, so i tried the following:

  • turning off fast boot in windows and in the bios
  • using corsair link
  • using a different usb header
  • using a different channel for the lighting strips
  • using a different usb cable
  • reinstalling icue

and yet my computer refuses to recognise these components, i already have a k55 keyboard and an m65 rgb mouse both of which work perfectly with icue, so i think the motherboard and software are fine, but the light strips do light up, i just cant configure them, what should i do?

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I was having this issue with some RFB strips from corsair on my LNP channel 2.

The entire system is corsair, perephials so there's a lot going on. 6 fans, 4 strips, and another node external doing the ambient strips.


Anyway, the LNP was connected via SATA power on a cable thats other two connecters were also occupied. I removed it from that Sata run and ran its own independent Sata power to it.... Resolved. Full resolved. There is SOME delay when scrolling through profiles but I think that's software, at least now they are actually changing and running their program.


Might not be your problem, but it might helps somebody.



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