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New and Very Happy Corsair One Owner


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I registered to pass on my thanks to the Corsair guys for building a cracking machine! I hooked my new pc up to a 144hz g-sync monitor and getting great frame rates:


BFV - 120-144

Apex - 144

Forza Horizon 4 - 120-144

PUBG - 144


CPU and GPU Temps stable around 50-60.


Really well done guys. It looks so cool too, the materials are premium. I can’t understand the negativity around the price. You pay for what you get!


Best regards



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Happy new i160 owner here too. I've built my own PCs for years but when my old one finally died, I just couldn't find the time to to build a new one. The i160 was a perfect solution.


Great game performance at 3440x1440, with FPS in Far Cry 5 filling up my 100hz refresh rate at ultra settings. Temps are right in line with all the reviews I've seen. And it's virtually silent except under full load; even then, it's just a low hum.


And it looks great. After years of giant towers stowed under and around my desk, it's amazing to have this much power actually sitting on my desk. And the LEDs add a nice touch without the machine looking like an electronics aquarium.


It's a fantastic piece of engineering. Well done!

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