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Will the K95 RGB (18 macro key version) be refreshed?


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I'm a video editor and I've been a Corsair user for many years and I've had the perfect keyboard (K95 RGB) and mouse (Scimitar Pro) at home for a few years now. Using all 30 macro keys between both devices I've been able to speed up my editing considerably. Now I need to get a new one for my office and I'd like to have a spare one at home in case my original one develops any issues. Unfortunately they haven't been made for a while and are no longer available anywhere.


Are there any plans to refresh this line (with 18 macro keys) or create a new product that fills this spot in the market?


After considerable research, I've found no other manufacturers that offer anything with large numbers of macro keys.


If there are no plans to continue this style in the future, would you consider using a service like Massdrop to offer a limited run of the original keyboard?


Also, would it be possible to add support for this keyboard into the iCUE MacOS beta?





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