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Corsair H60 2018 pump speed?


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[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5lVfwfsqRw]this review[/ame]


On this review, a guy in a comment says that his pump runs at 4000rpm (2000rpm - the motherboard doubles the sign). It is lower than my old H60 unit, which ran at 4200rpm (2100rpm).


And there is a post from a tech from Corsair here in the forum saying / affirming that the pump is supposed to run at 2200rpm (some motherboards will read the pulse doubled as 4400rpm).


They probably kept the same pump design and revisited the coldplate and casing - and my pump and the guy's pump came a bit below (but 200 is already too much in his case).


Hard choice.

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