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Corsair H115i Platinum water temp issue


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first I would like to say hello to community, I have just registered here. So here is my story/problem.

3 weeks ago I purchased H115i Platinum. It was RMA-ed few days later because it could not establish USB connection. Retailer diagnosed faulty pump controller and got me a replacement.

After installation of new AIO, it got instantly registered in iCue and everything was working fine. But few days later I started experiencing a different issue and its concerning water temperature. It show erratic behaviour to say at least. Here is an example:

I turn on the PC, water temp in iCue says its around 27C, which is perfectly fine and it goes to around 31C if PC is left turned on in idle. Then suddenly it starts changing the temperature rapidly. As I write this it went 31C-35C-32C-39C-33C-41C etc, you get the general idea. I am not sure water temperature can change that fast. In HWinfo temp of my CPU is stable at 32C, because PC is not doing anything. I even defaulted all perfomance settings in BIOS just to avoid Crosshair VII doing weird stuff with voltages when set on Auto. So basically my 2600x is running out-of-the-box voltages and clocks. Only thing that is active is XMP profile for RAM, but I did try defaulting that also and the problem persists.

Tried to reseat the cooler few times, cleaning the CPU and using fresh paste but its not helping. I simply dont understand how can water change temps so fast when CPU temp is static and in idle. Another problem with that is the fan profile, because its tied to water temperature it ramps up the fans, then it slows down and so on and so forth. I tried touching the hoses to see if they are warm when iCue is reporting weird temps, but everything is cold to the touch.

If someone could explain to me if I am doing something wrong or is that normal. I understand I could always make a custom fan curve, but first I would like to know why is this happening.

I have my AIO installed on top with fans mounted as exhaust, there are 2x 140mm fans on front as intake and 1x 140mm on the back as exhaust. All other components dont have any problem with heat, they are actually pretty happy in the new case.

There are also problems with USB disconnects when I turn on Steam, BattleNet or simmilar apps, but I saw on the forum thats a common issue so I will need to live with that, although it makes me dissapointed, because I thought Corsair makes a better QC before releasing the product. Pump noise is also present (Quiet profile loud and Extreme profile makes clicking noise), but that is also an issue most people have.

Slowly I am starting to feel bad I didnt buy AIO made by some other brand, because H115i Plat is making my life hard last month or so with RMA first and now this.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


P.S. Apologies for my english, it is not my native language so I suppose I made quite a few typos.


Addition: I have opened ticket with Corsair support with my first AIO, they did recommend me to start RMA with the retailer, which I did. I updated ticket with this new problem, but its opened for 20 something days now and didnt get a response.

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