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Corsair one i160 + icue


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I just bought a corsair one i160 a week ago and I found some bugs and since I can't get an answer from the Official Corsair support, I want to know if any other encountered those problems.


1. I can't find a way to see my computer on iCue software. I can't change my led colour nor fine-tune the performance settings. (I did try to uninstall and install the software).

2. My CPU fan keeps turning at around 3200 rpm even when the computer is at idle or coming back from overnight, is it normal?


Thanks in advance!




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Also, if you haven't changed your Windows install and are still using the stock Windows that came with the system, can you try a Windows Reset?


1. During Boot, press F8. This will take you to the Recovery menu.

2. Choose "Troubleshoot" as the option.

3. Then, Choose "Reset this PC"

4. You'll then have two options, one to reset while "Keeping your files" and one to "Remove files". You can choose the one you'd prefer.


EDIT: Before that, can you also try doing a repair of iCUE in Add/Remove Programs?

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I still have Windows 10 Home.

I did try to reset my PC (keeping my files) and iCue software can't see my Corsair One even right after the reset and after all the system updates.

I did repair the app without success.

As far as I can remember, the app wasn't seeing my device right out of the box.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi Corsair Mint,

I did all the step on your post yesterday 2019-04-03 without success.

I posted a ticket 2 weeks ago (#872995) and I haven't received any follow-up since!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could ask them to take a look.

Thanks in advance.

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Interestingly enough, ran into same issue myself. It worked just fine for two days and suddenly iCue cannot detect the HW anymore. What is different though, is that I don't have "runaway" FAN problem.
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