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Asus ROG GL553VD - ssd Corsair MP510, 240GB - sleep mode problem


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Hello all,


I’v got a problem with my notebook ROG GL553VD and Corsair SSD disk model MP510.


Description problem:


Notebook – https://www.asus.com/pl/Laptops/ROG-...pecifications/

System – Windows 10 Pro x 64

Disk – SSD Corsair MP510 - https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Catego...tab-tech-specs


When notebook working on charger „sleep mode” working correct.

While notebook working on battery „sleep mode” = power off.


Asus and Microsoft support fortress is a problem with driver or firmware MP510.

Corsair SSD Toolbok can not see later version firmware.


I’v got newest version:


- BIOS Asus v.307

- Windows v. 1809, compilation 17763.379

- downloaded all Windows updates

- VGA driver v. 419.35

- Chipset


Before model MP510 I had model MP500 with same problem.

Dealer acknowledged the complaint on MP500 and i trade on model MP510.

Unfortunately still notebook don’t work correct on battery when I press „sleep mode”.

Please help me fix that problem.


P.s. Link me please yours ssd drives on slot m.2 if working correct.




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Almost the same laptop model (GL753VD), same SSD only 960GB, same problem.

Well that makes two of us so probably the SSD is ok, but there is a bug in Asus firmware. Time to open a support ticket :)

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