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Glaive Mouse Scroll Wheel Question


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I got a new Glaive mouse on Monday and it's doing something I find extremely odd in windows explorer (at least from my experience with mice over the years):


I have my windows explorer set up to display drives and folders on the left, and then the contents or subfolders on the right, no preview pane. The scroll bar for the drives and folders (vertical one that always appears between the two sections screenshot attached) only works if I click into the left display area. It does not work if I click or mouse over the vertical scroll bar, or the header of the window itself. It only seems to scroll if I click in the folder display area and often in error it drags me out of whatever folder I was looking in to whatever folder I clicked on trying to get the scroll bar to work. If, for whatever reason, there are two vertical scroll bars and one across the bottom (2nd screenshot), the one across the bottom ceases to scroll under any circumstance even when selected and only moves when dragged. Am I missing something or is there a way to change this?


Compared to the scroll bar in the text box I am using to write this with the scroll bar for my browser page - both of which work perfectly on mouseover, I would love a fix for this or to know what I've missed to make it work in windows explorer?



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