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Void Pro Wireless audio stops, reproducable


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I'm stumped with my new-ish Void Pro Wireless.


Game audio goes quiet when I turn on the mic in the game settings (EQ2), and comes back as soon as I turn off the mic again (using in-game settings).


I tested 3 brands USB headsets:


1st: Works, regardless of Windows Sound Settings used.

(For ref: Sound->Advanced Tab->Default Format shows "2 channels, 16 bit, ...")


2nd: Works, if I turn off 'exclusive mode' and/or change the Default Format to 'CD quality' vs 'DVD quality'.

(For ref: This only has "1 channel" vs the "2 channels" for headset #1 .. if that matters.)


3rd: (Void Pro) Doesn't work, even after hours of: research, iCUE tweaks+uninstalls, audio device disables+uninstalls, and tweaking everything in iCUE and Windows Sound Settings.

(For ref: This shows "8 channels", but box is grayed so I can't tweak.)



If this simple Win Desktop test works, the mic+audio also works in-game:


1) Play any audio (mp3, etc) using VLC, WMP, etc.

2) In Windows taskbar, right click Volume icon->Open Sound Settings.

** The audio will either keep playing (headsets 1 and 2), or stop playing until that Settings screen is closed (headset 3).


If the audio stops here, it's also guaranteed to not work in-game.



1) Again, play audio.

2) Right click Windows taskbar Volume icon->Sounds.

3) On "Sounds" screen:

- On "Playback" tab, audio keeps playing.

- On "Recording" tab, audio stops, until you leave the tab.


I could clean install Win10, but.. oof. I'd rather know first if others can reproduce the steps above.





Headset 1 is very old Plantronics 626.

Headset 2 is Sentey Arches GS-4730 (cheapo, not sold anymore?)

Headset 3 is 3mo old Corsair Void Pro Wireless. (easily best sound quality of the 3).

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