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iCue with Scimitar Pro RGB


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I've had Scimitar Pro for 4 days and am worried something is not working right. Last night I saved my profile to HW1 and it to started with my custom profile with the correct LEDs and colors after rebooting.


It seemed to work right yesterday, but when I started my computer this morning it looked it had default colors as windows was booting then all of the lights and mouse stopped working as if it wasn't plugged in. I restarted the computer and it worked without having to unplug the USB cable.


I do have the latest iCUE updates, but it doesn't seem to allow me to save my settings to the HW profile anymore. The weird thing is it has allowed to do it twice. I do see a pop up to clear/overwrite and yes/no prompt, but it doesn't seem to save it again. Am missing something? Is the onboard HW profile I saved supposed to be working in BIOS?

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