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Question about DDR4+Ryzen compab.


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Hello once more guys. I got a question (silly one maybe, im not sure :/ )

So im running Ryzen 5 2600X on Crosshair 7 right now and using dual kit Corsair's Vengeance led 3200. (16gb)

On the compability list for ddr4+ryzen cpus the 3200 led is not included, but anyway I managed to run them at 3000 , im happy with that.

I'm planing to change cpu in a few days to a Ryzen 7 2700x on same mobo and I wanted to get an extra 16g of ram, so my question is

should i get another dual channel kit at 3200 again (exactly as the one i have now) is it going to work fine at 3k on quad channel if i do the same profile tweaks etc? Or do I have to buy a full quad kit 32gb to make it work??

All that on ryzen 7 2700x / Asus ROG Crosshair Vii Hero

For any more info ask me please

Thanks in advance


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Hi nicklog,


Ryzen 7 isn't really that different than Ryzen 5 in terms of memory support as far as I know.


Trying to get the exact same dual channel kit can be a challenge as you need to get the same model and version number however there still may be uncertainty since they were not tested together.


In my case I got 2 16GB kits at a local store so model and version and even packaging were the same and it worked out just fine.

Ryzen supports dual channel (typically up to 4 memory slots).

Thread-ripper supports quad channel (typically up to 8 memory slots).


With Ryzen loading all four slots will likely reduce you to DDR4-2933. Not really a problem but just be aware that is a likely scenario.


It is very possible your kit can run DDR4-3200 if you manually apply the DRAM voltage indicated by your XMP profile (assuming you are currently using AUTO).

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