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iCue Names are Funky?


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I have only one PSU but I had an issue where my RM1000i PSU showed up twice in the iCue device list:


1st Instance was named: RM1000i


2nd Instance was named: RM1000i (1)


I uninstalled and re-installed iCue...Now it only shows one PSU as it should but it is listing the funky named one...RM1000i (1)


Is there a config file somewhere that I need to delete?


Where does iCue get it's names from...Can I reset something?


I would like it to just show "RM1000i" as my PSU device name.


Any help would be apprecaited.



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It created a clone/shadow copy. It happens now and then. As for renaming devices,click on your PSU so the device list shows up on the right two-thirds of the panel. In the upper right corner will be three horizontal lines, just below the standard box/X window controls. Click it to change from device pictures to device names. Now with the names active, double click any device to rename it. You can be as creative as you like. Many other device values can also be renamed from within the device panel (temp values, fan names, etc.).
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