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Why can't I ask for a refund?


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Evening guys,


I owned a STRAFE RGB since November 2017 and after a year, I started having the led on the V key becoming dim and being pink'ish when for example set to all white scheme. Support helped me, did a force reset, soft reset, updated firmware and nothing. They allowed for an RMA and I had to pay the shipping cost which is not that cheap.


Received my new replaced STRAFE RGB and after 3 months, the same thing happened but with the N key instead. I am very annoyed with this and I submitted a ticket saying that I am tired of this and I would like a refund because I was thinking about buying a different Corsair Model like the K70 RGB MK2.


They said that they can't refund because it's been a long time since I bought it.. Well, it's been 1 year and 4 months, it's still in warranty, isn't that enough for them to help me with this? Will I have to continue waiting 2 weeks and paying shipping costs for the same problem to happen again and again with this model?


It is annoying me so much..


EDIT: Missing info

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