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Corsair One i180: CPU Multiplier


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Seems the bios is missing the ability to change the clock multiplier.

This is a feature on the asrock motherboard used (X299E-ITX/ac).


Bios devs. Please let me adjust my multiplier (...in before "we already tuned it").


Maybe I'm missing something....

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So it seems at least the latest BIOS on the i180/i182 now allows to set the CPU multipliers, which is a great step up.

However, it seems we still don't have access to the TDP limit settings from the regular X299E-ITX/ac.

Also, if one enables MCE multi-core-enhancement, it seems this option also removes all TDP limits. This causes the CPU to predictably shoot up in temperature and quickly overwhelm the cooling system.

A more balanced approach would be to allow the MCE yet keep the TDP limits to 165/170W as per the original configuration.

A completely custom approach would allow the user to define their own TDP limits.


In the i16x series, the MCE option by default doesn't remove the TDP limits, which I think is a lot safer/easier.


Can we get the same for the i18x?

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