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Icue not linking H100i platinum


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Newbie to the computer world so bare with me :D

I recently installed a Corsair h100i rgb Platinum and have connect it as in the manual and youtube videos . But the problem is that my ICue is only recognizing my 4 LL120 Fans and not my H100i. The block that is sitting on the CPU is Lighting up but the fans arent and are running att full speed. The H100i Fans are connected to the Lighting hub at ports 5 and 6 (attachment.php?attachmentid=35332&d=1552248217)


The H100i usb is connected to the commander pro USB port (attachment.php?attachmentid=35333&stc=1&d=1552248228) because I dont have any USB ports left on the motherboard. I have tried to link the H100i directly to usb port on the MB and it worked. but as soon as i connect it to the commander pro it doesnt show up.

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