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h115i pro rgb platinum replacement fans


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hello everyone

i have the h115i pro rgb and wanted to know

if i can use this https://www.corsair.com/eu/de/Kategorien/Produkte/L%C3%BCfter/ml-config/p/CO-9050073-WW?qty=1&productCodePost=CO-9050073-WW&CSRFToken=59916c70-c840-43b6-8455-07b5b9619272 as an replacement fan


or https://www.corsair.com/de/de/Kategorien/Produkte/L%C3%BCfter/hd-series-rgb-led-config/p/CO-9050068-WW




i thinks the first one should be the one that matches right, but im not sure and didnt find anything. the measures and the specs seems to be the same but i want to be sure before i buy it.

thanks for the help

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For the Pro series coolers, you can use and PWM 140mm fan. Both the HD and LL140 will work fine. However, do note you must enter into the RGB control game and will need a Lighting Node Pro and RGB Lighting hub to have control.


If you have a H115i Platinum, I am not sure why you would want to replace the stock RGB fans unless you are trying to match them to other case fans and an existing RGB control system.

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My title is misleading sorry.

I was at work and a bit confused as i opened this request.

I've bought the h115i pro rgb,not the platinum.

But a few days after my purchase I saw that theres an platinum version with rgb fans.

The h115i pro i got only have an rbg cpu cooler.

Since my whole case is rgb and I can't exchange the normal rgb version with platinum one cause the retailer where I bought won't do it, even if im willing to pay the extra costs.

I have the plan to switch the non rgb fans to rgb fans and the non rgb fan coolers will find a place in my old non rgb system.

Sorry for bad language

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OK, unfortunately it is not that simple. You can't just plug in some RGB fans. There are additional hardware requirements. Take a look at the thread below.




You would need either:


a) LL140 Twin Pack -> this has a Lighting Node, the RGB Lighting Hub, and 2 LL140 fans.


b) HD140 fans (twin pack or two singles - best price), you must still buy a Lighting Node Pro (will get 4 RGB strips to play with as well).


*The lighting node Pro could be replaced with a Commander Pro that does the same thing plus offers fan control for other case fans. You loose out on strips, but gain more software control over all your case fans, regardless of model. It might even be cost effective for HD fans, but less so for LL fans.

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