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LL fan animations freezing


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I've recently bought the Corsair LL120 3 pack with the RGB Hub controller. I've tried both the Link and the iCue+ software but still seem to encounter the same problem.


It only happens when playing a game (doesn't matter which one) but the animations on the fans freeze. I've got them currently set to the Arc animation, but the animation stops within 3-5 mins of launching a game. Getting back to desktop, they will sometimes unfreeze within 10 mins, most times they stay locked until I power off the system altogether and switch it back on.


System specs:


Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE

AMD Ryzen 2600 (non-overclocked)

Sapphire Radeon RX VEGA 64 Nitro+

Team Group Dark Pro 16GB DDR4 3200MHz



I've tried removing the CAM software and disconnecting my HUE+ controller which came with my H500i case. I've tried disabling and uninstalling the mobo rgb software 'RGB Fusion' which apparently causes conflicts with some of the corsair software. I've tried changing the order that the fans are plugged into the controller


At the moment I'm at a loss of what to do next. The only option I've got is to either set the animations to something static so I won't notice the freeze, which seems like a waste of money having all this customisation, but being completely unable to use it. Or selling/returning the fans and swapping to the NZXT fans.


Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem....


it all started as i changed to a new bigger GPU


every time i play a while (like 30 min) the Effect of my Corsair ll Fans are Freezing. But the First Fan is not Freezing its "half frozen" i can still change the Effect but the other Fans dont care.


I think its because my PC gets too hot maybe? (In Case MAX: 45 °C)


But when i close the Game and the PC cools down they work fine again....


I tried everything from uninstalling ICUE to change the light setup Channels and ports but nothing helped.




Fans: 2x LL140, 2x LL120

Connected from RGB Hub to Commander Pro

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