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does pump need air?


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...or vent holes? I'd like to try insulating it to reduce noise. The pump is by far

the loudest component in my set up. I've got a HC200 running a whisperfan with

shroud and GPU, CPU, and NB cold blocks. It's real peaceful, but the pump is getting to me.


P.S. : I've visited this forum often in the past months. now my HC is voided and

I made 2 copper blocks from scratch. Thanks!

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Thanks KaptCrunch, that's exactly what I needed.


You might be right about the inlet being clogged. After I got done machining my

blocks, I didn't flush 'um befor I hooked them up. So what's the best way to

check? The pump inlet is the one hooked to the res., Right? Or maybe the

Quick-connect inlet is cathing shavings? It's kinda tight in there.

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first mark the hoses b4 removing quick-connectors (top is out/inlet lower)

drain system completely by remove the quick-connectors from hose ends(tape wrapped around hose marked what hose is what)


now with the connectors removed from hoses

push the spring loaded nipple in to open valve an blow/flush out both sides

after doing both QC's, get a small lenght of tubing(30cm) then put both QC's on the ends an hook up to HCX making a loop.


(note cpu removed from socket if don't know how to jump ATX PSU to power up)


Now run pump to hear if noise still the same, if is then problem is pump


with open hose ends an reverse flow them with max 5psi/0.4 Bar water running flush out, do first inlet hose, while you have the outlet hose in the sink, then switch back an forth a few times


after all the testing use some white vinagar/distilled water 50/50 to rinse


best thing to do if can get same "O"ring used on the pump to disasemble pump an check all is OK

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