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K55 RGB certain keys not working


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march last year i bought myself a new corsair K55 keyboard and few days after this my pc died, only got it back end of december (so the keyboard has only been in use for about 3 months} and for the past month or so i noticed my left control key wasn't working, as i was unable to crouch in any games. it would either not register the keypress, or the game would act like i was spam pressing the button. i've since found out a bunch of other random keys on my keyboard don't work, such as the tilde key, 5 and 6 on the top number row (numpad still seems to work though) and delete, insert, pg up, pg down, home and end ( that entire little section between numpad and letter keys. ive tried repeatedly to update my iCue and the keyboards firmware, reinstalling ICue ect and nothing seems to get these keys to work. the strange thing is i occasionally have a short period these keys will work fine, or will just need a slightly harder push than normal, but 99 percent of the time, the keys are just straight up unresponsive. i used a keytester and it seems my pc isn't even recognising that im pressing a key. just tried the keyboard on a laptop of mine and the same issue occurs. could the keyboard have just broken in this short a time? thanks for any help.
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