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HS70 Static in left Ear


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Hey there,


just got my HS70 wireless today, hooked it up and instantly noticed the hissing sound only (!) in the left ear.


Following attempts at fixing have been made:

> Microphone on/ off doesn't change a thing

> Tried reinstalling the firmware via iCUE

> Different slot for the USB receiver

> Reverting any Equalizer effects back to default



> Audio playing from my PC does not affect the static sound.

> Static stops when the USB receiver is pulled out

> No issues with my other headset or In-Ears (Headset is via USB, Cable; In-Ears are 3.5mm)

> No difference between selecting 7.1 or Stereo in iCUE

> Static level does not increase or decrease, no matter the combination of "loudness" from the headset or my PC settings

> Static level is not affected by distance to receiver (does not matter whether I'm 50cm away, in the same room or two rooms over)

> No matter how I balance left-right audio on my PC, left is always more pronounced (when listening to dialogue it always sounds like the conversation is way further left than it appears visually; same for gaming and music)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Final note- if I can't fix this I'll be returning the headset and look for a new one, either wireless or with a wire. But this... I've been using it for a couple of hours now and when there's a permanent sound source (like a game, movie, etc.) it's fine, but when I'm sitting on voice comms, listening to music, or worst of all not doing anything it's getting unbearable.


PC Specs:

Win 10

i5 4670k

GTX 1080

MSI B85-G43

16GB Corsair DDR3 RAM

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