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Icue is bumming me out..


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I have this wierd problem that i blame icue for.


At random times when i boot up my pc or just reboot, then my current hz changes in Nvidia controlepanel or windows hz options.


And i normal i use 100 hz (98) hz with 10 bit on my 4 k asus monitor..and i was wondering why the hz rate would sometimes change randomly..But today i updated my icue software and after the update i noticed my screen hz was changed again to 82 hz 8 bit mode.


And this just happend after the software update, so no wim possitive that this icue software is to blame..also look here



There is a connection here ! Icue is ruining the hz rate on screens..at least the asus pg27uq 4 k model.


I even asked in Nvidia forums and asus forums and no one had ever have this problem, but that is because they dont use corsair softwares and what are the chance i find 1 person with the same computer harware

like me..so blame icue !!! This problem started around the same time when i installed icue..maybe im gona look for another and less complex rgb setup


Also sometimes when i boot up from a cold start then my 6 fand and 4 strips wont light up until i remove the power cable and install it again and boot up again.


I have started to suspect ICUE from corsair. Because when i open the program and start to use it then i see my fps go down to around 24- 22 hz and when i minimize it to the tray again then i get 98 hz instant

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