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Hi memory guru's.


I ordered some CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 for a new Ryzen rig that I'm yet to build.

After I ordered this memory I started reading about potential compatibility problems and that I should of gone with guaranteed Samsung B-die memory.


Anyway the memory turned up today and it is v5.32


Is there any feedback regarding this version and if it runs at the OCed 3200 spec on the X370/X470 chipset?



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(I'm not a memory guru however...)


For the best memory compatibility see the QVL list of the motherboard you are going to purchase.


With Ryzen the memory controller is in the CPU so the chipset doesn't have much to do with memory as far as I know at this point. The combination of motherboard, cpu, and memory will factor into if it will work or how well it will work. I don't think you should necessary have any fear that it won't work but it may take some effort if there happens to be some incompatibility.


The simplest things tend to be incompatibles with the XMP profile or others have options for XMP Profile #2 that is said to work when available. If XMP doesn't work for you then simply use AUTO and set your frequency and timings manually (and maybe DRAM voltage too). There are tools to help you with that. CPU-z, HWiNFO64, Ryzen Timing Checker, and DRAM Calculator for Ryzen, etc... And also test using memtest86 to verify your memory is working properly (not generating errors).


Ryzen 2000 series processors officially support up to DDR4-2933 but it is very capable of running at DDR4-3200. Anything over DDR4-2933 is an overclock so success may very. Also how your memory slots are filled may impact the frequencies you can obtain and the memory timings you can use.


Samsung B-die is said to have the best compatibility but that doesn't mean others are bad. Different chips have different performance characteristics and it happens B-die is the best in terms of performance and compatibility from what I have read on the internet. If your not an extreme overclocker then it won't really matter to you as long as it works properly at it's rated speed and timings. Also since Ryzen has launched the memory compatibility is said to have gotten better across the board so BIOS/UEFI updates will likely play a factor in having good memory compatibility.


You may find these other posts helpful where I tried to assist others with Ryzen based on my own experiences...








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