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Corsair Hydro H80i v2 and Gigabyte Z390 CM


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I'm new in this forum, I just bought a H80i V2 to cool my 9600K installed on a Gigabyte Z390 Gaming SLI Motherboard. Before I had traditionnal cooling system and in P3D simulation the CPU can be easily @80°.


First of all. I bought the H80i V2 because I have a 100R case and I saw on the Corsair 100R web page a picture with the H80i mounted. I was a little bit desapointed to see that the H80i doesn't 100% fits with the 100R case. The top corner of the radiator is forcing on the corner of the case. But anyway, I was able to install it


My main issues are:


- The user manual is not good to follow. The pipes are so strong that it is quite impossible to install the pump on the CPU after the radiator on the case. The opposite works quite well.


- With the cooler mounted I still reach the 80° on the CPU cores. It is not clear why but I have several questions about mounting the spacers on the motherboard.


When mounting the spacers on the back plate through the MB, the spacers are blocked in the back plate but still move 1 or 2 mm freely with the MB. Is it normal or I need to add some washers between the back plate and the Motherboard?


The pipes are quite not flexible, is possible that it force on a side of the CPU and make one side with less thermical conduction?


I tried several time to install as in the manual, maybe the thermical paste moved to a wrong place. Maybe I should replace it and install the coller system properly from the first time. But only when I will know if I need to add washers to fix the spacer freedom.


Please let me know your feeling and recommandations


Thanks, Sébastien

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