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H100i Platinum RGB Glitch


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My recent gaming build has a lot of Corsair RGB Products and when they don't function properly, I second guess myself for buying them. The issues I'm having are relatively random but I have noticed that they happen when opening applications (especially games) and un-sleeping the PC when it has applications open(also sometimes during none of those).


1. The H100i Platinum cooler RGB, from the pump and fans, glitch, then shut off for about a second, then come back on. This happens anywhere from 3-5 times a minute and does it a good amount before stopping.


2. The same issue happens but prior to it happening, the ML radiator fans spin up to about 3000 rpm (according to iCUE), plummet, and then the glitch occurs but the rgb animation stops across all other iCUE devices.

I've done debug logging and everything looks pretty normal but once when the glitch occurred, the logging read that the CPU temp was -127^ 0 C and the either fans the pump or fans were spinning at 48,000 rpm :sigh!:.When the rgb glitch occurs I've also noticed a faint noise that comes from the pump.

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