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Lightning Node Pro outside the case

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I've tried to search this through search function and over the internet before posting but I'm still really confused about a simple answer:


How can I simply and safely power up the lighting node pro outside the case to light up my desk and monitors?


except for the easy usb type a connector, what about the sata power?


I read about usb 3.0 hub, guys that create an adapter from data to 5v...

what is the easiest solution?


what about a PCI sata interface ?


I'm just sorry about my English and noobish question, but I'm out of business from pc modding since I was 15 :D





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Yes, you can run a Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) outside the case. There are several of us doing that.

As you noted, the big challenge is power. A USB to 5V won't do the trick ... the NoPro can draw almost the full 4.5A of current from the SATA connection and that's more than USB supports. I would suggest either an external HDD power adapter (they have these to run internal hard drives outside the box) or a dedicated PSU. Personally, I use a dedicated 450W SFX Power Supply. You need to make sure that anything that you use for power does provide the 5V rail.

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Thank you DevBiker, i really appreciate your help!


I'm trying to understand all the possibilities.


I read an old post written by you about the 3.3V rail that seems to be not useful (probably for the commander pro, but for sure not to an eventual external node pro), so one of the solution you suggested to me can be something like this? https://www.quietpc.com/qpc-ac-power-yh-3018


Anyway, it seems really hard to find these kind of power supply (or external sata solutions in general), so i'm considering the second PSU option, even if i actually not get a second unused one :/


In this case, if i turn the pc off, i need to turn off the second PSU too in order to power off desk's rgb...i'm just asking, how do you manage this?


Thank you everyone

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Hi bud.. i also do the above using a PC PSU..


so... you need one of these


24pin switched jumper cable... amazon/ebay etc




and i also have it on a smart plug for some 'Alexa desk lights on' action





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