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"K83 Platinum Wireless" Proposal


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Earlier this week, Corsair launched the K83 Wireless for living room PC setups. With a clean Brushed Aluminium chassis, a white backlight and Bluetooth operation, and a sizable touchpad, it has a lot going for it. However, I have a couple of reservations about its features - namely the placement of the joystick. When you're gaming, this being directly above the touchpad seems like an odd location, as I believe these two systems would frequently interfere with each other. Second, a new technology called "Slipstream" was announced at CES by the company, though there's no mention of support for the K83. Why not?


Sensing Corsair may have missed golden opportunities, therefore, I am suggesting a more advanced version of the keyboard could be developed, called the K83 Platinum Wireless. This would aim to champion features already present in the K83, whilst remembering the trailblazing done by their earlier Lapdog and K95 Platinum products, both of which were designed for gaming/productivity...


I am in the final weeks of taught studies for a Masters' degree at the moment, but I could make some early designs in SolidWorks now, and then continue this project in earnest in the Summer. I also welcome suggestions from others on what they would like in such a device.

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Turns out I don't have time to do SolidWorks outside my studies, so I've done some Photoshop designs instead...


First, we have the keyboard, which would be mostly the same in layout except for the addition of six G-keys, and an RGB LightEdge strip at the top. This would also come with a detachable dual-sided,

soft-touch wrist rest:




Rather than force a typical layout with accessories, however, the keyboard could incorporate magnetic connectors underneath either side; enabling an ambidextrous approach for left-handed and

right-handed users. This means as well that the keyboard could support up to two pads (one each side, or daisy-chained) when wireless, and up to four when USB-powered.


What follows below, therefore, are four Expansion Pad concepts that could be attached to the keyboard, displayed left-to-right:




K83 Platinum Wireless Media Pad

This is basically the same as the media pad on the K83 Wireless, with a couple of adjustments. Instead of the tiny joystick in the corner, this area adds full playback buttons normally found

on the keyboard. In addition, the touchpad and buttons would have RGB backlighting.


K83 Platinum Wireless Stream Pad

22 buttons, combining mid-profile height (50%) Cherry MX Brown/Blue switches with Stream Deck technology, this could function like a normal numpad; a manager to quick launch

applications (such as social platforms, MS Office or creative suites); or a multi-layered tools pad for keybinds. Buttons will likely be 20% smaller as well, in line with competing OLED keypads

on the market. In a future update, the keypad could even support a “dungeon builder” UI for game engines.


K83 Platinum Wireless Creative Pad

Built for creative professionals, a low footprint RGB joystick with rotational dial and button sits in the centre, surrounded by a Ruler and programmable keys, with a white OLED display above

to provide specific information (such as measurements or tool settings). Together the features would support a UI suitable for several demanding disciplines, including Graphic Design,

Computer Animation, Video Editing, Engineering and more.


K83 Platinum Wireless Gamepad [WIP]

60% larger than other expansion pads, it would provide modular cradles to change it into different configurations, some incorporating haptic feedback. Meanwhile, seven circular Stream Deck

buttons will support ABXY functions and in-game macros, and there would be a small, full colour OLED display. There may also be the option of variable weights and a clamping system.



All expansion pads would have on-board profile storage and a life-long, replaceable rechargeable battery and Slipstream/Bluetooth wireless support, in addition to a USB port for direct charging

and operation. If these prove successful, there is the possibility of a fourth design as well; exclusively for Pro Audio setups.

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