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ICUE does not see daisy-chained Commander Pros


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I have 3 commander Pros installed in "daisy-chain" on an Obsidian 1000D case,

but only the one that is directly connected to the MOBO shows up in iCue.


I plugged each CP into the MOBO in turn (on its own), and updated Firmware v0.8.210 on each one. This proved each CP worked and icue saw it.


But when daisy-chaining 3 of them, icue only ever sees the first one, regardless of which configuration.


I have tried two methods of connection:-

MOBO > CP1 > CP2 > CP3

MOBO > CP1 > (CP2+CP3) eg 2 and 3 both plugged into CP1.

Neither combination worked


Im running the latest version of icue (3.13.94)

x399 Meg Creation Mobo (all drivers & bios updated)


What am I doing wrong?



(Very unhappy man who has spent a fortune on Corsair products)

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I have had issues with the Commander Pros. I currently have 2 each installed and those two have been replaced already one under RMA and the other I just said hell with it and went and purchased another the RMA process sucks. Now the two that are currently installed have both stop functioning with regards to the USB ports on each. It was a good thing that I had a NZXT on hand because I had my lighting node, H115i, PSU one of my Commander Pros all connected thru the Commander Pros USB Hubs. Not any more all my devices are now on the NZXT internal hub. You can say that I am very disappointed with Corsair and the failure of the Commander Pro to live up to being a good device. In my honest opinion I do not think the Commander Pro has enough power to run all three, LED lighting, Fans and the USBs. It does a good job at the fans and lighting but lacks USB wise.


ICUE itself has been acting up since the latest update. My K95 and my H115i have both disappeared from ICUE and no matter what I try I can not get them back..


If it was not for the fact that I have 10 RGB fans, K95 Keyboard, Shim Pro mouse, MM800 mouse pad, ST100 headset tower, lighting node, AIO; H115i, RGB RAM from Corsair I would likely abandon their products totally for controlling the fans. I am still considering removing all corsair items and purchasing something that works consistently.

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