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Lighting Node Pro and Ingame RGB Issue


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Hey folks -


First time poster, but I'm having an issue with in game RGB control when using a lighting node pro.


I bought my PC prebuilt and it came with 7 LL120s connected using 2 RGB hubs connected to a single lighting node pro (6 fans on one hub connected to channel 1 and 1 fan on the other hub connected to channel 2)



I have full control over the fan lighting using iCue and can use profiles etc - however the recent in game profiles (FarCry 5, The Division 2) seems to cause some problems with the fans.



In Far Cry 5 only three fans light up (and even then it's more likely only one fan will light up) and in The Division 2 it appears they are being controlled, but mostly stay dark - occasionally they'll appear a dim white, but that's about it.


Any ideas? I love the idea of the in game profiles, and when the 3 fans were working in FC5 it was boss, but I'd prefer they all were working :D



Any help would be awesome

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