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Hello im new to Corsairs forum and i was searching for some info about this ram sticks i own, the Corsair Dominator SE Contrast 4*8Gb version.


i would like to overclock my ram as high as i can, but i have very little experiance with ram OC


i have tried to use XMP and then raise DRAM freq up to 4200MHz and it boots with dram volt 1.45 and vccsa+vccio @ 1.25v but im getting blue screens


(timings used 18-18-18-38 tRFC 724 clocks 2T)


im guessing i need to put in an total manual OC to get it stable


my goal is to get an nice overclock without risk of degradation of any components, it does not have to be all the way up to 4200mhz but i would be very happy if i can get it stable at 4000Mhz


my speccs are


MB: Asus ROG hero XI (latest BIOS)

CPU:9900k currently overclocked to 5ghz @ 1.230vcore


RAM: SE Contrast 4*8gb



i hope someone can help me, there is so many ram settings and timings i dont know where to start

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Someone has surely already written a lengthy memory overclock tutorial out there for Z390 or in general and I won't try and put one here. However, I am sure you have been searching for help elsewhere as well and by now have likely run into a lot of other people running into walls around 4000 MHz on the Z390 boards. Theories vary, but when people are struggling with multiple brands of memory and multiple brands of motherboard, the key is likely more centrally located.


Your kit is a 3466 C16-18-18-36-T2 XMP. While it might be possible to get it up to 4000, you won't be doing it at 4200C18. That would take some masterful work. I am impressed you could even boot. As a general rule of thumb, you need to go 1 CAS latency rank higher each time you hop up a standard memory rung. That might be the XMP 3466 16-18-36, 3733@17-19-38, and 4000@18-20-41. These values are not written in stone by any means and their is plenty of room for tweaking the tRAS and tRCD values in combination with DRAM voltage, and VCCIO and VCCSA. Those last two should be pretty much the same for clocks above 3466, but might require more at the extreme edge above 4000 -- if that is even possible. Not many people are having good luck on this platform at those levels. There are of course in between memory speeds as well (3600, 3800, 3866) that may be attainable or a good balance. I would start at 3733 17-19-38 and you might even be able to run Command Rate 1 (T1) with normal 1.35v. If that proves steady, you can try for 4000. I don't like the 3866 speed much, but that is an intermediate value as well. Make sure you create a system image on separate media you could restore from and also initiate a Windows restore point before taking a run at these things. Crashing on Windows load when memory overclocking can have negative effects on the OS. It's no fun to have to have to a fresh install because you didn't give yourself a restore point.

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thank you for the reply c-attack


i am currently running my sticks 3733 16-18-18-36 2T with no problems/bluescreens, at the moment i think i will settle with this clock


if i would try to set it to T1 instead of T2, would it require alot of tweaking generally?


good point on making a restore point, thx

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While we have slightly different chipsets (Z370 vs Z390), this might give you some idea of what to expect at 4000 (18-19-39-T2). These values could likely be polished with more work, but there wouldn't be a change in the thousands place.



Read: 55169

Write: 60269

Copy: 52851

Latency: 48.1 ns



Good question on Command Rate 1 vs 2. In the past, I would have said no problem. Set it and it's done. However, my new Dominator RGB kit does not seem to like CR/T1. Every speed I have tried, even lower frequencies with soft timings flunks the pre-post memory training. It could be a specific error in this motherboard BIOS assigning an improper value, but then my old Dominator Platinum 3200C15 kit could run 4000 at CR1 on this same board. If you want to try, set to to T1 and leave the primary timings alone. The board should adjust any secondary and tertiary values.

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