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Corsair Carbide Spec-Delta (Review) + a big problem


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After deciding to upgrade my PC I looked into mid range yet high tier looking cases and came across the newly launched Corsair Carbide Spec-Delta. I couldn't find any reviews online on youtube of the case but just an intro video so I was a bit skeptical but I bought it anyway.


Everything (almost) in the case works fine. It is very spacious and has enough room for airflow. The case it self due to built in Fans keeps itself pretty cool even on OC settings. Enough cut outs for cable management and nicely spaced as well.


I did however encounter a problem with the RGB fans as they were not working, but corsair sent me three new ones within a few days.



Initial Thoughts:



- Spacious Case for all Mobos and GPU card sizes

- Great Cable Management Integration

- Easy remove Slots for HDD and SSDs + extra SSD slots

- PSU cover for hiding all the excess cables and PSU

- Watercooler + Heavy Air cooler compatibility

- Reasonably priced

- The glass side panel looks amazing

- Great removable dust filters on top and at the bottom

- RGB LEDs in fans (3 included in the case)




- Lack of space for air intake in the front (Only bottom fan and barely top front fan can pull air in, middle fan is almost not pulling anything strong)

- Front header USB ports on the top of the casing, makes placing USB sticks and wired USB ports weird at the top

- Front acralyc panel is a dust magnet so needs cleaning every day.

- No removable dust filters in the front

- No dedicated RGB controller in the case which makes external RGB incompatible (Unless you buy a separate controller and put all pins in it and then connect it to Mobo)



All in all, I would say that it is a great casing if you are on a budget but have extra 10-15 Euros to spend on a case that actually comes with 4 fans (3 RGB Fans) and a thick and sturdy glass side panel with tons of cable management options then I highly recommend it.


Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me questions about the case.

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Corsair support actually shipped me 3 new fans and I will now try to install them. Need to know first regarding how to remove the front panel as there are no instructions in the manual.

The glass is very thick btw therefore it also feels of good quality. Overall I am very happy with the case and corsair support. Would highly recommend it.

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