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New owner of H150i Pro. Questions.


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So the H150i Pro came to me today and I've installed it as it should be.


I am using Ryzen 7 2700x, Asus Prime x-470-Pro.


So I am using my H150i Pro settings in Link as "Balanced" on the fans and the pump. The pump temp is 28.1 Celcius mostly.


My CPU is overclocked to 4.0 GhZ and 1.3V

The temp in idle is around 35-40 Celcius

Temp while gaming is jumping mostly, it's 50-64

Temp while Prime95 it's damn 90 celcius after 1 min of using..


What do I do wrong? I have my CPU_FAN on 100%. Is the temp normal?


I didn't use any thermal paste on my CPU, since there was paste on my H150i already.

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Some questions for you, how is it configured currently with your case? Where exactly is it mounted and how are the fans setup? What is the coolant showing within iCue? If you revert your OC settings, do you have similar results?

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Hey mate, thank you for answer.

I think I've figured it out with the temps. With Prime95 running I am under 70 celcius (65-68). So I think it's a good result.


My idle temps are pretty high I think, because they're around 39-46, while only google chrome, YouTube open, or is it normal?


My case is Sharkoon TG5, it has good airflow tho. I am actually with only 4 fans, 3 fans in front with my H150i Radiator and 1 fan on the back of my case.


The front fans (H150i) are on intake, the one on back is exhaust. Tomorrow I'll mount 2 fans on the top of my case as exhaust aswell.


What do you think, sir?


And second question is about LINK, I saw some screenshots where the temps of CPU where written on the LINK software, but on my PC it's only CPU package and it shows it's around 90 degrees, what's actually not even true.



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