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Commander Pro fan speed & custom curve not working


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I have 7 LL fans connected to a commander pro


The fans on the Corsair AIO CPU cooler work


There are 6 fans connected to the commander pro, 2 of em directly above the AIO radiator


Im trying to control two of the fans to my liking but the settings on ICUE via commander pro does not obey my commands


Custom curve doesn't work, if i want to fix the rpm fan speed to 2000 rpm it doesn't work, it doesn't go above 1600 rpm,


Ive tried the extreme and balanced profiles, does not work


Ive updated the commander pro firmware today, no avail


All i want to do is control the 2 fans ive got sandwiched up to my 240 rad


What to do as my CPU temps are getting hot because i cant rev up the fans

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I believe your LL fans only go up to 1600 rpm.


oh i didnt know that, i thought it gives me the option to go to 4000 rpm


ok that explains the confusion


i have ll fans that dont go above 1600 rpm even though i select higher rpm


the fans on my H100i AIO cpu cooler are different the fans are the ML fans that go to 2400rpm hence the discrepancy in fan speeds


the new white LL fans go to 2400rpm, just found this out on the corsair website


and all this time i thought i had a buggy IQ software, the amount of re-installs i did, wot bollox


well thanks for clearing that up,may have to get 2400 rpm fans as the 1600rpm aint just cutting it.......

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