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Play HS70 audio through another device


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Hi all,


New to the forum and I thought maybe someone here might have a workaround. So when I play games, my girlfriends likes to watch on our big TV in our room while I am gaming on my monitor. I clone the display for her and would like to do the same for the audio. I generally play Overwatch or Apex Legends and I need my HS70 headset to do so with my friends. Is there any way to route that audio to either the TV speakers or my PC speakers? Here are my system specs for reference:


i5-4590 @ 3.3GHz

GeForce GTX 960 Asus Windforce

16GB Ram

RealTek Audio (stock on motherboard)


I found a way using Stereo Mix from the RealTek audio, but I like the 7.1 surround that the HS70 provides for FPS games and would rather have that be routed than the RealTek audio being sent to my headset.

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