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Fans position with H150i and LL120


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I hope it's the right section..


Let me explain how do I understand it :

Exhaust - The air from the case goes outside.

Intake - The air comes from outside into the case.

My case is Sharkoon TG5 and I've built my H150i in it at the front panel 360mm AIO.

Now, I've the fans from H150i in intake direction, so I've Glass > Fans > Radiator.

Now, I've LL120 fan in the back of case in Exhaust direction, so the air goes out of the case.

And I want to mount 3 new fans at the top of my case, which direction should I take? The exhaust direction or the intake direction?


I've dust filter at the top of my case and at the bottom of my case.

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My initial preference would be to use the top as exhaust. The upper layer of the case is often 2-3C warmer naturally and in this instance it will help remove some of the warmer air coming of the radiator. You won't need a ton of speed with 4x120 exhaust fans, but that is good and usually effective. However, there are no hard rules and sometimes you get interesting results with unconventional set-ups. In a case with a lot of rear venting, you could use the top as intake as a way to try and force all the exhaust out the back panel. I don't think it will be as effective or efficient as top exhaust, but it only takes about 5 minutes to flip the fans around and find out.


If you don't have any fans on the bottom, leave the dust filter in. I would also probably leave the top filter as well. It does slightly reduce airflow, but you will have plenty of fans on that job. The only place you don't want the filter is on the front rail with the radiator. Radiator resistance + filter resistance is usually a bit too much and requires high fan speeds to keep air moving.

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