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Does activating the XMP profile affect the warranty


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Hello there!

I've searched a lot the last days, and could not find a answer.

Does activating the XMP affect the warranty?

I've bought myself a new computer build it on my own, and I used the

Cordair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 (CL16) , 32Gigs in 4 sticks.

When i activate the xmp profile, my pc gets bluescreens and games crash after a few minutes.

So i ran Memtest86 and got over 40 errors.

I thought that the ram may be damaged, and contacted the Shop where i bought them.

They told me, that using the xmp profile is the same as overclocking and i dont got a warranty anymore, so they won't change them.


My Setup:

Ryzen 7 2700x

Asus ROG Crosshair VII

Vega 64 ROG Strix


Could you maybe help me with this?

Or tell me if I really lost any warranty on this because of "overclocking"?

Best regards

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Hello BetaSux,


I would think using XMP would not cause any warranty problems especially if it was programmed into the SPD chip for that ram kit. After all if it was programmed into the chip to do that it was clearly tested and built for that purpose. That doesn't mean it will work of course depending your setup.

Do you know if your ram kit was listed in the QVL for your motherboard?


The Asus ROG Crosshair VII seems to be a high quality board so I think it could certainly handle it. I've seen reports by Ryzen users that using the secondary XMP profile has worked for them. Do you have a secondary XMP profile available in the BIOS/UEFI that you can try?


Anything over 2933 would be a memory overclock for that CPU so there are no guarantees above that. Ryzen seems vary adept to running at higher DRAM clock speeds anyway but how far will depend on your mb-cpu-ram configuration and you may also need to tweak your memory timings as well.


Fully loading 4 sticks on Ryzen may require lowering your DRAM frequency due to the load on the memory controller. For example here you can see how the Ryzen supported frequency is reduced as memory load is increased.



For example in my case I can hit 3200 stable in a 2 ram stick configuration but with 4 sticks I am capped at 2933. Also I have to use manually adjusted memory timings and voltage too since I am actually overclocking a 2400 kit to 3200(in 2x4) or 2933(in 4x4).


First you may want to try to confirm if your ram sticks are actually ok by testing each ram stick individually using the AUTO memory settings of your motherboard at a lower setting 1866, 2133, or 2400. (test using the primary slot for your board, see your manual)


Assuming they all pass - install all of them again and using AUTO memory settings, adjust your speed manually up one step at a time and retest until it begins to fail again. See if you can get to a stable 2933, 3000, or 3200 this way. This may require manually changing the DRAM voltage as well. You should be able to safely use the same voltage the XMP profile was programmed to use.


There are tools to help manually configuring your memory.

CPU-z, HWiNFO64, Ryzen Timing Checker, and DRAM Calculator for Ryzen


You may find these other posts helpful...







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Good day!

At first I'd like to say thank you for your incredible answer.

I Only have one ODCP profile to choose.

I have activated this, and manually set 2933mhz with 16 18 18 36 clocks at 1.35 V and it seems to run totally stable right now.

memtest shows zero errors.

so i guess its just a compatibility conflict?!

I just had enough trouble with the shop, but it seems like i dont need to send the ram back or something.

Thank you very much :)

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I have the same mobo, cpu and ram ... I had problems aswell when I was going for the 3200mhz. Loads of crashes, blue screens etc.


After turned it to 2933mhz profile, everything was stable for me. Yes, the timings etc were lowered aswell (i'm not really a tech guy tbh), so I was allready happy enough everything was fine afterwards. :)

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