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Dead after update


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My Corsair K70 Lux went dead after either the iCUE or the firmware update.


Ok. Not exactly dead but non-functional nonetheless.


It looks like it is typing since some things on my screen keep flickering back and forth. When I keep pressing a key, the lights on the whole keyboard go trough the whole brightness spectrum in one second and go dark again after.

It locks up usb traffic and makes other usb devices disconnect and connect again.

Even when I unplug the keyboard, the effects it caused linger. I need to reboot to get my system to work again.

When I only connect the power usb port to a cellphone charger, all lights stay off. It never did that before.

Task manager hangs when the keyboard is connected.


I did a full Windows 10 factory reset and the keyboard seems fine until I connected wifi and the microsoft drivers were downloaded.

When I did a factory reset but disabled automatic driver download it seemed to function properly for 10 minutes and then shows the same problems as above.


I did a soft reset with the escape key and I did a hard reset with a pin in the hole under one of the legs. None of this changed anything.


I love this keyboard and went through great lengths to get it to work again, only to fail. I would love to get some help with this.


Thanks in advance,



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Depending on your setup and installed version of Windows, you have a few different ways to Windows 10 factory reset a laptop or desktop


First: Make Sure You Back Up


  • The Built-In Reset Option on Windows 10
  • Use the “Fresh Start” Option in Windows 10
  • Reinstall Using Windows Installation Media
  • Advanced Factory Reset Options

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