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Force Series MP300 BIOS failed to detect

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I just finished building my new PC and just ran into my first bug.


I have installed an MP300 M2 on to my motherboard and this morning (on the 3rd day) the PC failed to boot because it showed a blue screen with error 000000000 ( I assumed that was because the SSD failed to be recognized) and once rebooted and entered the BIOS, the SSD was not listed there, only my 2TB HDD. I read to turn of and on the power supply online, and it worked, but it was mentioned that was not a permanent solution.


3 thing to note:

1. The SSD is rated PCIe Gen 3.0 x2 but I have connected in to PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 (M2_1) on the motherboard (since it is the faster one).

2. I just did a BIOS update late last night.

3. I didn't turn of the power supply before unplugging the power cord last night (The PC was properly shut beforehand).


Any help to preventing this from happening again?

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