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Flash Voyager 2.0 - My Computer display


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I picked up a 512 MB Flash Voyager 2.0 yesterday, based on the excellent reviews it received.


I set up a 20 MB secure partition, and the rest is unsecured. I used windows explorer to set labels on the partitions (Unsecure and Secure).


When I attach the USB device to the computer, I get prompted for my password for the secure partition as expected.


When I go into My Computer, the two mounted partitions simply show up labeled as "Removable Disk". If I right-click on the device and select properties (or hit alt+enter), it shows the correct partition label and disk space information.


I know that the unsecure partition is mounted first, and the secure partition is mounted second, but if I happen to have my Creative Muvo TX MP3 player attached to the PC as well, I end up with 3 "Removable Disk" labels showing in explorer.


Is anyone aware of a way to get the partition labels to display in Windows Explorer?


EDIT: This only happens with W2K SP4.


The volume label I assigned works fine in XP SP2.

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If you are looking at windows explorer you will see the drive letter assigned to the drives that are attached. If you double click on the drive letter for the USB drive, then you will see the folders that are created on the drive. If one of the folders is secure then you will not see it unless you enter the password.
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