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Hello to all, I built a PC back in DEC 2017 and had to put it into storage due to medical illness. I have 10 HD RGB fans With 7 of them being HD140RGB and 3 of them being HD120RGB. and I also have the first gen of H115i, with 2 and commander pros and a lighting node pro also installed along with Corsair vengeance RGB Ram at 4 sticks. K95 Platinum RGB keyboard. I have Corsair link and cue installed or should say had.


My issue is upon start up today 3/10/2019 The corsair software updated along with windows 10. My Ram rgb quit and my fans went crazy with ramping and stopping. The RGB LED went haywire also. So I tried to uninstall Corsair link thinking that it is conflicting with ICUE. With both the ICUE and Corsair link operating my fans and RGB led lighting does not work. I have lost control also of the AIO H115i RGB and the H115i does not show up in either the ICUE or Corsair Link.


By disabling the fans and led RGBs in Corsair link I got them to run at high speed and the LEDs RGBs are on and synced with instant lighting under ICUE(version


My question is this can I operate both ICUE and Corsair Link as I have been away for over a year? How do I get either one to recognize my H115i ? So that I can see what is going on with it:I.E. control the RGB LED and pump and fans on the H115i ? and how do I control the fans system wide a I do not see anywhere in ICUE to do that?


EDIT : I removed totally the Corsair LINK from the PC. Still no H115i showing up anywhere in ICUE. MY CPU is not overheating so I think I am operating in default mode on the H115i pump and fans

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