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570X, H150I, ML and LL Fans


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I've read through all the fan configurations in the sticky posts of this forum. However, I'm still confused on whether or not multiple fan types can be used if on individual Lighting Node Pros.


Currently, I have the 570X Mirror Black, Commander Pro, and the Node that came with the case. There are (3) SP and (2) AF fans connected plus the (2) case logos.


I want to do away with the SP and AF fans and add an H150I cooler. Since the cooler comes with three ML fans I'd like to use them but I really like the looks of the LL fans better. However, I know they don't move as much air as the ML fans. Not sure why the only cooler Corsair offers with the LL fans is white.


Can I run the three ML fans off one lighting node pro, add in four LL fans off another Lighting Node Pro, and still control them all via Commander Pro and ICue? Is it going to work OK using LL fans to push and ML fans to pull through the radiator or will that create too much static pressure?


My thought is to utilize the ML fans on the inside of the radiator to help illuminate the case and put the LL fans to where they are all visible to the outside. Maybe I should just give up on mixing the fans and use all ML fans in the case?

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