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iCue doesn't recognize RAM after installing Light Enhancement Kit


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Hey guys,


I have a problem with my newly purchased Vengance RGB Pro Enhancement Kit:

iCue cant find any RAM modules after installing. The Lightning Kit does light up but I can neither controll the LEDs on it nor my real RAM.


Befor installing iCue worked just fine with a set of 2x 8GB sticks Vengance RGBs (Non Pro).


Removing the Kit works and after rebooting, my RAM shows back up again.


Any ideas?


Motherboard: ASUS Z370 F

SPD Write is enabled



Progress (?)

So, I found this post. Going back to that version caused iCue to recognize both my RAM and the light Kit, BUT only one of each ...

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Is double posting allowed?


I tried different RAM positions too, I can get the previously not working ones to work, but then the other ones are broken. So I can only ever controll one stick of each each time.

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