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H110i + Asus Maximus IX Code Backplate Won't Fit


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I know, I know, Corsair keeps saying the LGA 1151 is definitely supported;however, my problem is the backplate screw holes are not adjustable, there are three, one for each socket type, problem is, I can fit two in okay but it is physically impossible to line up the others no matter the amount of pulling, tugging, pushing etc. I've tried turning the plate over, I tried different size screws all to no avail. I've noticed more recently, Corsair are printing adjustable backplate screw holes, whether there are suitable for a 1151 I have no idea or whether they will ship them separately....


So, with this in mind, is there anyone out there who was able to snugly fit the backplate on to a Maximus IX Code?


Thanks in advance


Desperate Of England.


My backplate: Cooler-Backplate.jpg

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