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Bad cmx512-3200c2


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tested at 166, 200 mhz @ 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 volts



abit nf7-s

BIOS: 11/22/2004-nVidea-nForce-6A61BA1BC-27 (from sandra)

barton 2500


memtest 3.2

passed normally

i did configuration ©

(3) memory sizing:

(2) Bios-ALL


Started showing about a million errors a pass

variations of 4076.0 mb and 4078.0 mb


then did Configuration ©

(5) error report mode

(2) bad ram pattern




the ram works usually, i've had it for about a month, on 3 days, the computer has either refused to post or crashed after the xp boot screen


i've fixed this through:

taking the stick out and putting in my old stick

putting the old stick in slot 1 (closest to cpu) while leaving this in slot 3


the ram is in slot 3, i've tested in memtest in slot 1 as well


i posted on the abit forum for the nvidia chipset and they said to rma the ram


i then asked the retailer and the said it would be faster to rma directly with corsair

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With a 333 FSB CPU you would need to run the memory at DDR333. If you try to run at DDR400 with a 333 FSB CPU it will cause a bottelneck in the chipset and may generate errors that are not the fault of the memory. Also what is the exact part# of your module? (How To Read the Memory Label)


isn't cmx512-3200c2 the part number?


i thought 166 mhz was 333 FSB

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I tested it at 133, 166, 175, 183, 190, 192, 195, 197, 198, 200, always pulling up the same errors in memtest almost instantly, I think the computer is running at 195 right now without a problem


what is the difference between the standard tests done by memtest and bios-all tests?

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  • Corsair Employees

I dont understand what you posted.

The system will not run with the memory at 133 or 166 Mhz but will at 195 MHz? Please list the exact settings you have set.

what is the difference between the standard tests done by memtest and bios-all tests?

Please talk to the maker of the program and or I think they have a forum you can look for help with this. or http://www.x86-secret.com.

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the link you listed is a french website


the memtest i was using is from: http://www.memtest86.com/


this is what it says about the test that was showing errors:


Two additional options are available through online configuration options. The first option (BIOS-All) also uses the "e820" method to obtain a memory map. However, when this option is selected all of the reserved memory segments are tested, regardless of what their intended use is. The only exception is memory segments that begin above 3gb. Testing has shown that these segments are typically not safe to test. The BIOS-All option is more thorough but could be unstable with some motherboards.


The problem is that sometimes the computer either will not post or crash after the boot screen. Its not very frequent (3 times in 30 or so days) but if I keep trying to reboot, it will continue not to work. If I either put another stick in another slot or replace the corsair stick the computer will reboot. I can then take the other stick out and the computer will boot up normally.

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i asked on the nvidea forum if someone could try the same test bios-all test i tried so it would be same board- same ram and they got thousands of errors as well, i still have this boot up problem but the ram is passing memtest
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