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How to: Settings for Diablo III.


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So, since I never really begin new threads in Forums, today I shall ask the community for some help.

I want to set up my Corsair iCue to automatically change the color scheme of my setup to match Diablo III.

In other words, whenever I start to play my game [Diablo III], I want my fans, memory, motherboard & CPU cooler to automatically change to whatever color scheme is currently on my screen [in-game]. Everything is Corsair [except for MoBo, of course].

I have seen it done with Far Cry game and others, but, I cannot seem to get mine to work. And Diablo III. is supported, as I see it on the menu whenever I open up iCue.

There it is community...any help from you guys would be great!

And "Thank You" in advance.

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