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How to remap the volume controll at a K95 RGB?


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Hi, I want to bind the volume control on my K95 RGB to other commands.


Background is, that I can controll my AVR directly via hotkeys and prefer to not controll the volume via MS.


Why is it the only button, I can not reconfigure?

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Corsair Keyboard (K95 used) volume control adjusting applications and system control rather than System Volume Control only via Volume2 (Volume squared).

More than 1 application AND System control can be adjusted using Corsair keyboards volume rocker.


App is written by Alexandr Irza aka irzyxa and originally I found this on his blog called irzyxa.blogspot but I think his github repository is the better option.


Github page https://github.com/irzyxa/Volume2


Excessive hand holding with a chance of useful info:-

You can have 2 volume settings controlling the main volume and another for applications. (I set applications 1st then System Volume 2nd, this maybe necessary. I have not reversed the order - test if you wish, i see no reason to fix that which isn't broken.


Set the app up as in the attachment images below.


(*Note I choose "Speakers Realtek® Audio)" as my audio device, it may also work with Main Device, WASPI etc but this is how I set it to work).


How to:

Open Volume2 (Options).

In the MAIN tab add under the 1st Audio device select *"Speakers Realtek® Audio)", beneath that setting is "Change Volume for:" select "Application List" (this is where you'll add your audio players and such - I've so far added 10 or so various and ALL are controlled by the K95's volume roller leaving the main volume alone to be controlled how you wish (key command, mouse scroll wheel or mouse etc - it can be set up in Volume2 or left as "normal".


Note when you select "Applications List" a settings cog appears enabling you to add your applications. It is not visible until you select this drop down.


In the second field titled "Alternative audio device:" again select "Speakers Realtek® Audio)" and under "Change Volume for:" select "System".

Control method: I've left as "Linear".


The other settings under this tab :-

"Disable Volume control in full-screen mode [uNTICKED].

"Off Mute at changing volume" [TICKED]

"Mute when volume is zero" [TICKED]


the rest is preference.


There are MANY more options such as Volume display icons appearing on screen as you change volume, a peak meter display, mouse &/ keyboard commands to enable and set, schedules, even use the screens edge to control volume. Just numerous ways to control the same thing but unecessary for separating system volume control from application volume control via K95 (& I'd assume any other corsair keyboard.


This should be more than a comprehensive set of instructions.

Hope it helps someone.


Side note.

Before using the tool mentioned above there were instances the K95 I own did change the applications volume (as desired) and left the System Volume as set.

I wish I knew how to reproduce this, seemingly random occurrence as no setting or app was opened to revert this action.


Maybe I've just not seen the way this is setup - despite exhaustive searching.


Please corsair add an option that enables reassignment of a key to swap between system volume and desired application(s) volume control. There's obviously enough keys to chose (and of course ways to display this change). That's if it isn't possible already via iCue (it really should be) as using a 3rd party tool alongside iCue/ expensive keyboard is "jarring". :)




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