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K95 - one macro intermittently just doesn't work


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Hi, I wasn't sure whether to post this in the iCUE Software or Keyboards section of the forums, so if it's in the wrong place mods please feel free to move it :)


Anyway I seem to have an odd problem of ocassionally one of my macros just doesn't seem to work (the other one still does - I only have two set so far) after I've turned my machine on. (Note: I've only had the keyboard about a week so far and the first time this happened was on the second day I had it)


The macro consists of

Press Alt key, press Ctrl key, delay 1000ms, release Ctrl key, release Alt key

(I realise this may seem like an odd thing to do, so if you want to know why I want a key for Ctrl+Alt I can explain :))


Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes it just doesn't work at all (from the moment I boot the machine), when it doesn't work the other macro that I have (which just starts up my favourite game) works perfectly fine, when it doesn't work, I have checked the macro in the iCUE software and it still looks exactly the same as it did before.

It doesn't seem to matter what key I have the macro assigned to (though admittedly I've only tried it on the G5 and G6 keys so far)

The best way I've found to fix is it to reboot, but y'know I'd rather not have to reboot when I've only just started up the PC - a tad inconvenient :)


When I say it doesn't work I mean it doesn't do the Ctrl+Alt key press, cos if I press the G6 key (thats the key I have set to use said macro) and the number 1 key for example when its not working my PC only gets the 1 key press instead of ctrl+alt+1


My easy test to see if its working is to press the G6 key and the delete button, and so if I see the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen I know its working if not then its not (and on at least two occassions I've accidentally deleted an icon on my desktop when it wasn't working - d'oh!) and no I am not leaving more than a second between pressing the 2 keys.


So anyone have any ideas what's going on and how to stop it?

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