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Safe range for water temp?


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I'm using H100i Platinum, but change the fan to Noctua A12x25 *2.


CPU: i9-9900K @4.7G

Room temp:24-26c




Water temp:32-35c

PUMP:2000 rpm @silent mode

Fan:1300 rpm @maunal set



CPU:77c max

Water temp:45-46c

PUMP:2500 rpm @balance mode

Fan:1900 rpm @maunal set

*btw the A12x25 max rpm shown in iCue is 2400 (should be 2000+-10% in spec)



About the water temp:45-46c

(PUMP:2500 rpm @balance mode or 2000 rpm @silent mode , the water temp is about 1c different)

Is it a safe range? And if I want to quiet it down with lower fan rpm, which water temp limit should be safe?

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Safe water temperature range: Corsair does not provide one. Other aftermarket component manufacturers usually list their's in the 55-70C range. However, the limiting factor is always going to be CPU temperature itself, not the limits of the hose or radiator construction. Your coolant temp is the lowest possible CPU temp and the 9900K's "voltage load temp" will be added to that. When start up a stress test, you CPU temp will immediately jump +35-50C. It is a fixed value tied to your CPU design and voltage. As minutes go by you will see CPU temp creep up by 1C at a time. That is the coolant rise. So if you have a voltage temp jump of +40C when you initiate max load, then you can subtract that from your maximum acceptable CPU temperature to find your effective coolant limit. For nearly all 9900K users, that is probably going to be 50C coolant where you will be slamming off the throttle line. +11-13C coolant rise seemed high to me at first, but we had someone running H150i 360mm testing last week at that was 8-10C for long x264 jobs, so perhaps that is the result with a 240mm cooler and that CPU.


Some of the places you might be able to scrape a few degrees back might be in the airflow and pump. While too loud for desktop work, you might want to take the pump up to the highest speed and see if it has any difference. Normally I would expect the same 1C you saw moving from 2000 to 2450, but 2C from 2000 to 2950 might have value when added with other things. Make sure you don't have a dust filter on the radiator panel, whether that is intake or exhaust. It's too much resistance. You coolant temp to room temp differential is high. I usually put it at +7C for a poor set-up. You are above that. Your idle temp is also somewhat high, so perhaps that is related to your power state instead. Obviously running on the Windows performance plan or disabling all C-states/EIST, speedshift, etc. will add your idle temperatures and the CPU is producing more watts at rest.

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