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Fans not activating


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Hai hai


I've got 4 fans connected to my Lightning Node PRO but since the update he only lights up 1. Even when I change it to 2, 3, 4 or 4 or 6, he still only lights up the first fan.


This morning on a random moment he lighted up 2 fans, but thats already over again... I was using RGB Fusion on my PC for my mobo, but tried to uninstall it, so it would maybe resolve this, but nop, nothing changed...


Need to say, a few weeks ago, I also had a problem with all my fans. When I've put them on solid color (white), they sometimes changed to different colors etc.


Any programs that maybe ruin this?






EDIT: after some more tries I now have them all activated, but some leds are sometimes going out in the fan (circle), also, when I change it now to 2 or 3 fans, it is not disabling any fan, it keeps them all on now

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Sounds like one or more of your fans may be flaky. Try rearranging them on the hub to see if it makes a difference. Keep in mind that the fans operate in series and a fan may light up perfectly but not pass the signal to the next one.
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