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Corsair commander not being detected by ICUE or Windows 10 Home N


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So i purchased a completely new computer last week which consists of many corsair products.


As the corsair obisidan 500d se comes with the corsair commander, i have tried to plug it in and get it recognised, but nothing has worked. The corsair commander is plugged directly by sata and not by an adapter.


I have tried plugging it into both USB headers on the Mobo

Enabled Legacy USB Support

Enabled XHCI handoff

Tried other products, including a Corsair lightning node pro into the USB headers to see if they we're the fault.

Reinstalling icue and tried link.

I have rolled back icue to a previous version too.


The motherboard doesn't seem to have any USB drivers out just yet.


Now i can see my corsair vengence ram in icue, and i can see any of the other products if i put them directly into the USB headers on the mobo. However the weird thing is, if i plug the corsair commander pro into the mobo and plug one of the following devices into it, they are recognised and can be controlled, but the corsair commander still isn't.

The fans that are plugged into the corsair commander pro are spinning, however they cannot be controlled.


Im literally out of ideas of what it could be. One side note is that the light on the corsair commander pro has never lit up.


I downloaded USBDeView to see if it was being picked up at all, and after unplugging it and replugging it in, it was only recognised as a Generic USB hub, while say the Corsair H150i Pro was detected with a proper description.


If I was to get this RMA'd, would I need to send back the case too considering it came with it?


Any help at this point would be great.



Mobo: asus rog maximus xi apex (relatively new board)

Cpu: i9-9900k

Ram: corsair vengeance rgb 32gb in 2 sticks

Cooler: corsair h150i pro

Storage: m.2 samsung 970 evo plus

Graphics: zotac 2080 amp extreme core

Psu: corsair hx850i

Windows: 10 home n






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